We are pleased to present you TABALSA ARABIA, a company rich in tradition and experience offering you highest service level and attractive products.

With our achieved experience in EMT manufacturing, one of our major goals is to bring this rich know-how to the Saudi market to further get closer to our customers and increase their satisfaction.
The state-of-the-art factory we have built in KSA should give us more advantage and access to one of the biggest markets in the gulf. We have established over 70% of market share in Spain and as a result of our team’s dedicated efforts to be a global leader.

With our leading technologies that surpass the competition and make us stand from the rest of the crowd in coupling and connectors, you can finally meet a brand to be comfortable in using and peace of mind when dealing with.

We here present to you our catalogue trusting it would meet your satisfaction. This catalogue is the outcome of the effort and hopes of our team of professionals, who work hard to keep the TABALSA Group on top of the rigid electrical installations market. The company’s sustainable growth and investment in R&D in the recent years has allowed a thorough optimization of our group’s activities.

forms part of the prestigious TABALSA Group located in Barcelona, Spain. TABALSA, TELLERES BARCELLS,S.A. was established in 1952 in Barcelona, originally as the business “ROMAN BARCELLS, S.A.”, created in 1921 by the homonymous entrepreneur.

Being TALLERES BARCELLS, S.A. the first company in Spain to manufacture steel pipes for electrical installations, now a days TABALSA is Spain’s unquestionable leader in rigid conduit cable management systems for electrical and telecom applications.