CEO Message

Electrical Metallic Tubes shortly known in the industry as “EMT” is the sole product being manufactured by Tabalsa-Arabia, a member of ETE Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia. Though it comes in various types however, it is mainly used for protecting and routing of electrical wiring commonly applied in commercial & industrial buildings. In addition, Tabalsa Arabia Factory produce all kind of fittings available on the market but even our own specific design from Tabalsa Spain witch will be the future couplings in GCC market.

Driven by stronger business foresights, ETE Group embarked on a joint-venture business with a major Spanish company TABALSA-TALLERES BALCELLS, S.A. engaged into production of EMT across Europe, forming a new independent entity known as, Tabalsa-Arabia. This idea came about as anticipating move, after ETE Group’s top management team had sensed a positive stimulus in the construction industry- characterize by a massive socio-economic projects being planned everywhere in the region- that would likely trigger a high demand for EMT in the next few years. Armed with positive outlook and determination to grasp every opportunity that comes in the way, it didn’t take so much long until the mid of 2009 when the first batch of EMT were successfully produced by Tabalsa-Arabia through a state-of-the-art production facility located at Dammam Second Industrial Area.

However, just like any other field of business endeavor, while on the process of obtaining International Certificates & Recognition. Finally, hard work and perseverance bear its fruits when Underwriters Laboratories (UL) an American-based independent safety and quality certification organization, has granted approval on Tabalsa-Arabia’s EMT products, that is of course after going through a tedious & grueling scientific procedures.

Having been bestowed with this prestigious honor and certification gives Tabalsa-Arabia a competitive edge in the stiff market competition since it could automatically translates to big boost on sales as it lays the foundation on customers’ trust on product quality.

Year by year Tabalsa-Arabia Factory is consolidating on local market (KSA) as a leader manufacturer due to big growth of sales by quality of all its products. Export sales in GCC began 2 years ago under the own normative of each country.

Finally, as our main mission, our team is focused on satisfying the needs of clients and we work always beside the projects and the purchasing-technical departments.

Our vision is to be a referent in canalization in GCC countries.

Bartomeu Cucurull
Tabalsa Arabia Factory